30+ (and growing) places for artists to make passive income online

No one wants to be a starving artist, and using print-on-demand sites are a way to make extra streams of passive income with your art. So I thought I’d put together a big list of places for artists to make passive income online.

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30 Places for Artists to Make Passive Income Online


I know I talk a lot about Society 6 and RedBubble, because those are a couple of the largest print-on-demand websites where artists can sell their work passively. But there are SO many others, and others that are very different (even though they still offer print-on-demand services) so I made this list just for you!

The list is long, and so it may feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time.





So keep the following in mind as you look through the list:

  • Each link will open in a new tab, so you don’t have to worry about losing your spot on this page.
  • When you look at a site, try to keep in mind your own art style and judge whether or not your work would be a good fit there.
  • Be sure to read the terms and conditions on each site, so you have a good idea of how much you will make, what the company is like, and what, exactly, is being offered.
  • I’ve highlighted the few that have the ability to be the most passive with largest profit margins. There will be, however, more effort up front on your part, setting up a Shopify shop, uploading your artwork and integrating their apps. But it could be very well worth your time!

Okay! Let’s get to it, shall we?

30+ Places for Artists to Make Passive Income Online.

  1. Artist Rising – (Unfortinately they’ve gone out of business.) From the people behind Art.com.
  2. Artfully Walls – A beautiful art marketplace that is curated, so you have to apply and hope to be accepted as one of their artists.
  3. ArtistBe – You can sell original artwork and/or be a part of their print-on-demand program and earn 14% on all sales.
  4. ArtMuse – ArtMuse is also curated, so you have to apply to join.
  5. Art Of Where – Art of Where is a print-on-demand site that prints not only on paper or canvas, but also on a variety of clothes and can be integrated with your Shopify shop.
  6. ArtPal – You can sell originals as on ArtPal, and/or use their Print-On-Demand services.
  7. ArtsAdd – This is a fun print-on-demand site with tons of products you can print on (like shoes, watches, umbrellas, clothes, bags, and tones more!)
  8. ArtSpan – ArtSpan offers a full ecommerce site for contemporary artists so you can have a shop on your own website, and still participate in the print-on-demands services, if you want to.
  9. ArtWanted – Another site where you can sell originals and use their print-on-demand services.
  10. BeSpo – A U.K. site that prints on products ranging from coasters, mugs, tea towels, temporary tattoos, prints, and much more.
  11. CafePress – This can be used much like Society6 or RedBubble – as a simple print-on-demand site with over 450 products for your designs to appear on – or you can create your own shop with them, as well.
  12. Curioos – If you don’t want your art on a ton of different products, Curioos is a great alternative. They print strictly high quality wall art.
  13. DENYdesigns – A cool and modern, curated print-on-demand site.
  14. Displate – This POD site prints your art onto metal posters.
  15. NEW! Etsy – You can now sell art passively on this popular website by integrating your shop with Printful. (See my free class about that here.) 
  16. FotoMoto – This site offers a cool (and easy!) way for you to sell a variety of different types of prints, as well as calendars, cards, digital downloads, and more, right from your own website. They ship all orders for you.
  17. Gooten – They print and deliver over 100 products from your Shopify shop automatically, or Etsy shop manually.
  18. GotArtwork – You can sell originals or print-on-demand prints here.
  19. ImageKind – Offer print-on-demand museum quality prints and framing.
  20. Inkster – If you create comic books art, cartoon art, gaming art, and other fan art, Inkster offers a way to sell your designs on t-shirts.
  21. NEW! InPrint – This site is actually curated by other artists: they either send you an invite or you can apply and they vote whether or not to let you sell there.
  22. InterestPrint – Offers print-on-demand and drop-shipping of a wide variety of products.
  23. Kite.ly – With Kite you can sell directly from your Shopify store and they will print and ship for you. 
  24. Mobile Prints – Offers a way to sell your Instagram photos.
  25. MySoti – Prints on clothes, canvas, home decor and more, and ships items directly to your customers.
  26. PrintAura – One of my favorite POD sites that can be linked to Shopify store to automatically print and ship items ordered (posters, apparel, phone cases and more) from your shop. 
  27. PRINTFUL – You can integrate Printful with your Shopify store, and they print and ship items (prints, clothes, pillows, etc.) for you with your branding.
  28. Prints On Wood – Just what it says: print your art on wood!
  29. RedBubble – Well, I’ve already had a lot to say about RedBubble (I like them. I really like them!) But I still thought I’d include them in this list!
  30. Skreened – Have your art printed on high-quality t-shirts.
  31. Society6 – Another print on demand site I’ve talked a lot about, and really like. Here is my S6 shop.
  32. Spoonflower – Prints your art and surface designs on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap.
  33. Spreadshirt – Print-on-demand prints on all kinds of shirts, bags, underwear, baby clothes, buttons, pants and much more.
  34. StyleArt – A curated print-on-demand site that offers fresh, modern and even quirky art on clothes, phone cases, home decor, and more.
  35. TeeSpring – A print-on-demand t-shirt site.
  36. ThreadMeUp – A clothing and phone case print-on-demand where you can sell in their marketplace, and/or with your own website and Shopify store or Woocommerce.
  37. Vida – Vida creates high-quality women’s fashion with your art.
  38. Zazzle – Zazzle is a HUGE print-on-demand website that prints your art on tons of different products.

A quick note from Jules:

Hey there! If you’ve read this far, you must be really interested in making passive income with your art, and that is awesome! I have a free class on how to do just that! Check it out right here! 

Well that’s all, for now! But if you think I missed any places for artists to make passive income online, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.