8 Awesome Reasons Artists Should Consider Blogging

To blog or not to blog, that is the question! (That’s how the saying goes, right?) While I totally understand some of the reasons you may not currently have a blog (not enough time, you don’t feel like a strong writer, you don’t have a website, etc.) I want to share 8 awesome reasons artists should consider blogging.

8 Awesome Reasons Artists Should Consider Blogging


Should artists start a blog? Here are 8 Awesome Reasons Artists Should Consider Blogging


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1. Blogging is great for SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (in case you didn’t know!) You know, like how people find you on Google. You don’t have to blog daily, or even weekly to get SEO benefits from blogging. Updating your website, even as little as once a month on your blog, can help. Like Amy Porterfield says, “… every blog post you write becomes another web page, and every web page is another opportunity to rank well for a specific search your ideal customer is doing right now. Or in a month. Or in a year. Because good, evergreen content will continue to attract visitors to your blog or website for years, generating more leads for your business.

2. Having an art blog creates ways for you to share more on social media. Coming up with things to share on social media can sometimes feel daunting. But if you’re created a new blog post, you should share it! Create a tall image for your blog post and save it on Pinterest. Create a square image and share it on Instagram. Rectangle images work great on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

3. Blogging can help you practice talking (and/or writing) about your art. While you may already have an artist statement, writing on your blog can expand on why and how you make what you make. This is something a lot of artists have trouble with. But that shouldn’t deter you from blogging, it should encourage you to blog! Because these things take practice, and writing blog post that talk about the meaning behind your art is a perfect way to really hone how to express what your art means.



4. Your art blog can be a way to stay in touch with patrons. Yes, people buy your art because they love it. But patrons also love to learn more about the artists they buy from, and having a blog is an easy way to let them look into your world.

In fact, when I asked one of my favorite artists, Lisa Congdon, about this, she said, “I love blogging because it’s a way for me to establish a deeper relationship with fans and customers. Unlike a static website, a blog allows me to add new content for my followers to look at and read on a regular basis. It’s an opportunity for me to share my process and tools, promote exciting things happening in my world, and even share real talk about the some of the challenging parts of being a working artist!


Artist Lisa Congdon on why blogging is important for artists.
photo by Christopher Dibble, 2016


5. You can promote shows, events and more on your art blog. Your art blog is a great place to promote everything from upcoming shows, podcast interviews, mentions in the media, art fairs, mentions or interviews on other blogs, pop up sales, gift guides you’ve been featured in, and more.

6. Blogging can help you establish yourself as a professional artist and an authority. Piggybacking on the last tip, when you are sharing events and media on your art blog, you start to establish yourself as an authority, and/or an artist who is ready and willing to be interviewed for other blogs, podcasts, and other media. When you share those things on your blog, even more people will be willing to get you coverage because they can see you are reliable, have something to say, and aren’t shy about saying it.

7. Blogging helps you create connections. You can actually building relationships through blogging.

Artist Heather Kirtland shared her input about this with me:

“I started blogging in 2004 as a way to update what was happening in my studio. At that point is wasn’t quite as easy to update and maintain a website. So, by using a blog I could create a post and share my newest painting and I really like that immediacy. Times have changed. Instagram has taken that role but I don’t feel like blogging is obsolete.


Artist Heather Kirtland
Artist Heather Kirtland – Photo Credit Kirsten Smith Photography www.kirstensmithphotography.com


As an artist I use my blog to be able to go more in depth into my process. I can use the platform to tell the story of a painting, show the full progress and share more images than a one off on Instagram or Facebook. This is especially helpful as far as my encaustic work. It’s a medium that most non-artists aren’t very familiar with and I can use a post to talk more about it and even share videos. I enjoy the process of writing and I think my words can bridge a gap between my work and the artist behind the work. It’s such a great platform for collectors to get to know you. I can share my process, my sketchbook and behind the scenes pictures and stories. Outside of actually painting my favorite thing about the business of being an artist is building these relationships and creating shared experiences. The more a collector knows about the artist the more connected they feel to the work you are creating.


"JuJu" 36x36"acrylic on canvas by Heather Kirtland
“JuJu” 36×36″acrylic on canvas by Heather Kirtland


It’s important to note that a good blog will drive traffic to your website as well. In full disclosure this is a weakness of mine. I am not a consistent blogger and I am certainly not adept at SEO. If you can combine these two forces you can reap the benefits of creating an audience for yourself. Most importantly make sure you are using your own voice and then you will find the sweet spot of making true connections and reaching a broader community of patrons.”

8. And finally, blogging is a great way to make more sales! Because everything I mentioned above helps you get more traffic to your site, and more eyes on what you make, it only makes sense that having a blog can also mean getting more sales of your art!


So there you have it, 8 Awesome Reasons Artists Should Consider Blogging!


Now that you’ve read these 8 awesome reasons artists should consider blogging, you can learn how you can start a blog TODAY right here!

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